Compact, Lightweight and Performant, PHX12 concrete grinder is the perfect tool for contractors or DIYs removing any type of thin sets, epoxies, glues or adhesives onto concrete floors or wood panels. Needless to say, PHX12 has also the perfect size for any small projects: apartments, garages, corridors... Get rid of hand held grinders, Stop hurting your back and knees, use PHX12 !

Concrete Grinder
PHX 12

The most performant
concrete floor grinder

of its category

Floor Grinder PHX12 has its own diamonds line The PHX 12 has its own
line of diamonds
Concrete Grinder PHX12 dash board easy to use Hour meter
& emergency shut off
Floor Grinder Perfect for bare concrete preparation The handle can be angled
to reach under confined spaces.
PHX 12 benefits

Excellent for small projects and confined spaces

Removable for easy transport

price competitive
Affordable and Cost Efficient compare to competition

Ergonomical design
Lightweight and two-parts design eliminates vibration


Technical data

Motor: 2 HP
Voltage: 208-240 V - 30 AMP
Option: 110 V - 20 AMP
Weight: 100 pounds
Grinder diameter: 12 inch
Length : 43"
Width : 13"
Height : 33"